It’s here…

It is finally here…

The day we have been waiting for….

The day a very amazing guy was born…


I am very proud to say how I was a fan from the beginning. From the second I first met Robert Alexander the 3rd I was an Adam Sevani diehard fan. Happy birthday Adam.(:

Two Days Everyone!

Two Movie Similarities:

Two Dorky Adam Gifs:

Two Gifs of Adam as Moose in Step Up 2: The Streets:

Two Pictures from The Battle in the Park{Step up 3D}:

Happy almost birthday Adam, we love you. 

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should send to his fanmail? I have the address of course(: It’s in my info on my page if you want to send him something too. If you have any ideas though I would love love love to hear them!! Just send it too my inbox thanks(:

I hit fifty followers.

I just wanted to say thanks! It’s good to know that I’m not the only Sevani Fan out there(:

4 days till adams birthday!

Today I decided to do a little Twitch and Adam thing! Here’s three of the four things and then I have a video which I’ll be posting in a second.

Adam and Jon

Rocking those kicks.

Count down to Adams Birthday!! {5 pics/gifs for 5 more days}

Because how can you not love that sexy head of frizzy curly hair?(:

Can you handle me the way I are?

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The Way I Are
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